The Tricksters Triangle

In Radical Leadership, our core purpose is to turn up the magnifying glass on our lives so we can begin to see and understand things at new levels.  While we all might admit to being a villain, victim or hero on occasion, when we actually look at a deeper level, we can see that we, as a culture, are conditioned to live there most of the time.  This default to drama is stealing our life, our time, our talent and our sense of aliveness.  What would be possible if you took back your life from the Trickster?

The Engagement Matrix

This is another of our tools of awareness. How engaged are you?  In your life?  In your work?  In this moment?  Secondly, are you effective and getting the results you want and intend! In RL, we help you see what’s getting in the way, what’s sabotaging you life, aliveness and success, so you can easily choose to redirect your energy in a way that’s generative, life-giving!

While we hope this gives you some awareness that helps you see something new for yourself here, we know that EXPERIENCING these discoveries in community with others accelerates and enhances the enjoyment of the return to wholeness.  

You can do that in your organization through a custom RL Retreat or one-one with coaching with an RL Certified Coach.  Contact us now! 

Living your life on the Edge of Possibility

The Edge of Possibility is the fine line between learning and panic.  It’s that place of being fully in this moment completely alive with heightened awareness.  At the same time, it’s exciting and energizing, it’s scary and terrifying because you are stepping into the unknown and that is a place of tremendous vulnerability.  But more importantly, that is also the land of possibility!  At Radical Leadership, we know you don’t want to walk this “edge” alone and we know how to make it less risky with far greater reward.

You can create the life you want.

Creating awareness, so you can turn up the magnifying glass so that you are able to see things you could not have seen before. Like a scientist you’ll be able to see & discover new possibilities.

Not sure which tools are best for you? Reach out, we will help you discover where to start your journey.