Provide your team and organization with the tools they need! Engaged employees are more invested, creative, innovative, more relatable, reliable and they take personal responsibility for delivering desirable results!

Engagement is often the number one problem inside organizations and it is crucial to ensuring the organization’s profitability and sustainability along with being innovative and maintaining a competitive edge.  Without these things, the organization will not survive!

Radical Leadership is about every employee being fully engaged and alive and bringing all their talents and abilities in service of themselves and the organization.

There’s a good reason that disengagement is so rampant and it’s important to know that it is no one’s fault.  We live in a culture that has conditioned us to wait instead of create.  While companies benefit from creating a motivating environment, free of obstacles to getting the job done, the often-overlooked element is for each of us to take ownership and authorship of our own lives. That’s where the power is.  That’s where the aliveness is.  We don’t wait for anyone else to direct our lives; we powerfully and responsibly take the lead!

In Radical Leadership we provide an environment in which individuals develop new disciplines for intentionally architecting their lives; discovering how they may be sabotaging and selling out on themselves and what cultural conditioning is getting in their way.  They also learn that they are always having impact and that they can choose to have the impact they desire – they become responsible (response-able) which is the access point of their personal power.

Engagement is about being a yes to life in any and all circumstances! It means being connected, committed, curious, continually evolving and growing, and choosing to co-create with Life, others, and the environment in generative (life-giving) ways moment-by-moment.  Not because we have to, but because we can and choose to!

If you want people on your team or in your organization who take the lead, who create instead of wait, and who take ownership of assuring the organization’s success, contact us today!

If you want people on your team or in your organization who take the lead, who create instead of wait, and who take ownership of ensuring the organization’s success, call now!

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Organizations' Results

“Therese, here is an excerpt from an email I sent the team to acknowledge our success:

‘We were up every month of the year in sales. We processed and stocked more product than ever. We welcomed more customers than ever. We purchased more product than ever. We overcame more obstacles than ever. We continue to bond as a team more than ever through both pleasant and challenging experiences.’

I credit Radical Leadership as the key ingredient for many of these outcomes.  You and your team have a gift for uncovering truth and unpacking it in a respectful and honest way and that has had a transformational impact on me and other leaders in our company.

From a revenue perspective, the business has opened up in ways that I could not have imagined five years ago. From the human perspective, what we call the "Joyful Journey" is gaining momentum. Our efforts to engage authentically with every team member in an effort to tap into their essence truly brings me joy. Radical Leadership has been instrumental in tapping into what is possible and the exponential impact that results from that quest. I can’t recommend Radical Leadership enough.”  

~Ron Rojas, CEO, Continental Sales "Lots 4 Less", Chicago, Illinois

“I thought I knew how to capture the hearts and minds of employees.  I even created a leadership program to support my efforts.  Through Radical Leadership I learned that there’s a whole new way to truly capture the hearts and minds of employees.  It is not through the logic of the mind; it is through the compassion of the heart.

Radical Leadership is not a program or a technique to follow; it’s a way of being in the world and a way of creating the world around you.”

~ Tom C., President, Manufacturing Corporation, Burr Ridge, Illinois