Radical Leadership II Retreat (2022)

With a unique blend of coaching, psychology, and spirituality, Radical Leadership II is designed for those individuals who have taken Radical Leadership I and want a deeper exploration of how to understand their essence, and live and lead from it more powerfully.

The RL II Program begins with a 3-day live, experiential Retreat that will transform how you see and experience yourself, others, and the world! Additionally, this learning is anchored and integrated into work/life with another 90 days of group coaching.

Now enrolling for September 12-14, 2022

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These are pioneering times! Are you ready to join us?

These are times that require new leaders and a new kind of leadership. We invite you to be at the forefront of a new era and lead others to deeper levels of:

  • Awareness
  • Courage
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Truth
  • Responsibility

We want you to come play with us!

This pioneering, cutting edge program will take you on a journey that is awakening, life-giving, surprising, and inspiring.

This is the journey of living intentionally into your potential as an impactful member of our global community.

What is Radical Leadership II?

In Radical Leadership I, you learned to make the distinction between Essence and ego, power versus force. You found in yourself a place of aliveness, spiritedness, playfulness, and wisdom that flows through you with ease, simplicity, and joy.

You also learned that coming from Essence includes a courageous commitment to truth, trusting, telling on yourself, and taking bold actions.

Radical Leadership II is designed to anchor this learning in your body, mind, and spirit at the cellular level.

Radical Leadership II is a 3-day retreat with experiential learning that will gracefully take you to the "edge" and explore what's possible from essence.

It’s time to recommit to the next level of your leadership and your life!

Join us for Radical Leadership II:

  • Deepen and embody your vision.
  • Develop your leadership strengths and skills for bringing out the essence in others.
  • Live from Essence when challenged by fear.
  • Receive rigorous feedback that will support your living powerfully, with clarity and definition.
  • Live from your Essence while being “lured by your ego and the trappings of your personas.”
  • Have fun and celebrate from your power and Essence! 

Radical Leadership Facilitators 

Our facilitators will help you discover the leader in you.

Therese Kienast, MCC, CPCC

Radical Leadership Founder & Coach

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Therese Sparkins, CPCC

RL Facilitator, Life & Leadership Coach

Join us for this live, interactive, experiential 90-Day Program which begins with this 3-day intensive retreat.

It will be an investment you make today that will have life-long returns!

Investment: $4,497

Meals included. Lodging not included.

Live with deeper intention and profound impact!

Join other Essence-filled leaders who took ownership for their lives. Don't wait for someone else to make the world better!

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Retreat Location

George Williams College at Aurora:
350 Constance Blvd., Williams Bay (Lake Geneva), Wisconsin 53191

Phone: 262-245-5531

Website: gwc.aurora.edu

Dates: Check-in September 11, check-out September 14. Program begins promptly at 9AM September 12.

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Radical Leadership is for those who:  

  • Want to live an alive and vibrant life
  • Want to live powerfully
  • Want to contribute to the well-being of all
  • Want to find and live out of their Purpose
  • Want to create a lasting positive impact
  • Want results
  • Want to overcome the stresses of the economy
  • Feel something is missing…

Space is limited to 12 participants committed to living a vibrantly alive life.

Invest in Your Self: $4,497

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Credit card payments are made to People Builders, Inc., via Paypal.
Contact us if you'd prefer to pay by check. Enrollment includes meals. Lodging at GWC is not included.