About Radical Leadership

Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Few understand that leadership is everyone’s business. Everyone’s responsibility! Leadership is not something you are born with, inherit, or something someone bestows on you. It is not a job title, a position or an entitlement. Leadership is a gift and a natural response to life when you realize that you have great influence over everything! Leadership flows from your core when you discover that you have the right, the power, and the responsibility to create whatever you want, wherever you are, in each moment of your life.  

Our material has transformed entire company cultures from heads down hating to go to work to fully engaged, alive, leading-edge producers in as little as 90 Days.  

Who We Serve

Radical Leadership is for high-performing companies and individuals who are committed to excellence and a legacy that inspires others to excellence and action.  

Radical Leadership is for those who:  

  • Want to live an alive and vibrant life
  • Want to live powerfully
  • Want to contribute to the well-being of all
  • Want to find and live out of their Purpose
  • Want to create a lasting positive impact
  • Want results
  • Want to overcome the stresses of the economy
  • Feel something is missing…

What Radical Leadership Creates

Radical Leaders are individuals who live from a vision of possibility and take a stand for seeing that vision fulfilled. They operate from their own personal power and take responsibility for their impact. These leaders are pioneer thinkers who are willing to risk for the sake of authenticity and integrity in the world.

Leaders and companies who have boldly embraced Radical Leadership have:  

  • High Retention – employees feel valued and, as a result, are committed.
  • Strong teamwork and productivity – people value and respect each other.
  • Loyalty in customer and supplier relationships – they experience integrity.
  • A rebirth in commitment and initiative – the company and its people are energized.
  • Daily Acts of Courage – to create the future… their own, the company’s, and the world.

“Radical Leaders are aware and awake to what is, while completely responsible and at choice for creating what they want.”  

~ Therese Kienast Master Certified Coach, CPCC CEO & Founder of Radical Leadership

Therese Kienast, MCC, CPCC

Founder of Radical Leadership

In her speaking and coaching, Therese Kienast combines humor, a tender heart, tough love, and powerful truths, leading her clients to success. She defines success as “creating life the way you want it — having fun, doing what you love, and realizing the results you want!”  

Therese has trained coaches around the world for The Coaches Training Institute; designed and delivered coaching courses to managers in several Fortune 100 Companies; is recognized as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute’s Certified Professional Co-Active Coaching Course (CPCC). 

She is known as a “coach-of-coaches” and has served as Past President of the International Coaching Society. She brings twenty plus years of experience in sales, management and entrepreneurship to the coaching partnership.  

Clients include IBM, UNCSFP, NASA, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Siemens, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Tuthill Corporation, University of Chicago Hospitals, and many others. 

Therese Sparkins, CPCC

Senior Facilitator and Director of Certification

Therese Sparkins had always lived life by the book, expecting that if she followed the rules and made all of the right moves, she would live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Four years out of school she found that this was easier said than done and a few careers later, albeit successful ones, she found that it was getting more confusing than ever and found herself searching for more. 

Once introduced to Radical Leadership, Therese stopped seeking clarity and experienced it! She came alive and everyone around her was energized, empowered, and intrigued by what she was creating.  

As a Radical Living and Leadership Coach, Therese is the living example of a leader who wants others to follow in her footsteps; creating the impact they want, living in full awareness and aliveness, and creating a world full of other Radical Leaders! 

Therese's clients include senior-level directors inside companies like Target and Bassett Creek Dental, and entrepreneurs growing their small teams. 

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