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“I took Radical Leadership for the first time many years ago as president of Tuthill Transport Technologies and it transformed my leadership. I used to believe that I had to be directive to get a job done right but realized in RL that the people I work with have the best solutions for solving problems.  Now my teams feel more trusted, valued, appreciated and more aligned. Not only do they have a greater sense of personal achievement, but my job got much easier!”

I have taken this course many times over as I took on new leadership roles and shared the RL experience with each new team. I would highly recommend Radical Leadership to any employer or employee who wants to find new ways for building trust, solving problems, handling conflict, creating alignment and connecting as a team.  I have seen people who were once bitter and burned out come alive at work and at home because of what this program helped them to discover.”

~ Greg Roque, President, Fairrington Transportation, Chicago, Illinois

"For the first time, I was able to recognize my own stumbling blocks and, dare I say go so far as to greet them as part of who I am. With that, I was able to embrace the most powerful choice of all; the ability to choose a different path tapping into both thoughts and feelings.  A path not obscured with fear and doubt. Instead, a path that is truly mine, one that feeds my soul.

Radical Leadership provided me with a set of simple tools to recognize and choose which path I want to follow. If I was coming at this from my old perspective, I might ask myself: “If these tools are so simple, why did it take me so long to get here?” Now, with my fresh perspective, I borrow a quote from Stephen Jobs: ‘Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.’"

~Jane Triplett, Executive Director, Clarity through Coaching, LLC

“I was coached and attended Radical Leadership over thirteen years ago and still use my learning from that Retreat and coaching every day!  It has transformed my leadership, my life and all my relationships in amazing ways. I feel more connected, loved, supported and happier than I ever knew possible.  I also refer anyone and everyone I know to ‘Go!’ and get coached by Therese and take the RL transformational Retreat.”

  ~ Michelle Walag, Director of Community Relations, Ready for Life -Pinellas, Tampa, Florida

Thank you for Radical Leadership and for giving me the opportunity to push and learn who I am. I have never thought I would be able to interact and even want to develop honest relationships with people that hurt me in the past.  It’s so freeing to know that I’m in charge of my own thoughts and emotions (and take ownership).  Now I feel better, happier, less stressed & internally peaceful.”

~ Anne Klonowski, Continuous Improvement Administrator, Automation Plastics Corporation, Aurora, Ohio

“Radical Leadership came at the right time in my life. I learned about what it means to live on “The Edge of Possibility” and WOW.  I also learned that fear does not need to exist.  Fear is an energy consumer and takes my mind off of the possibilities in life

Now, when a conflict arises, I am now able to look at it calmly, address the best I can, let go of it, and move on.  Moving on and focusing on what I can control makes life so much more enjoyable, much less stressful, and simplifies my life. I have been able to enjoy my family including three children, and be fully present because I am not letting the energy of stress, fear, worry, etc. consume me.  They get the best of me when I am fully present and aware.”

~ Mary Ling, HR Director, Positronics, Springfield, Missouri

"I doubled my income from fundraising last year and that happened because of Radical Leadership:  I learned to ask for what I want and be unattached and not take anything personally. Someone in the organization told me I had the healthiest relationship to money they had ever seen and I credit RL with that. As a leader, I use these tools every day. Radical Leadership made me more able to deal effectively with challenging situations. Any time there was a challenge, I asked myself “What do I want to create out of this situation?”

~ Kathryn Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

“Radical Leadership remains the most important training that I have ever had in my life.  It is quite fortunate that I took your class when I did.  If I took your class earlier in life, I might not have fully appreciated all the fine points.  Any later and I would not have the chance to apply it at a critical junction of my life (which is now!).” 

~ Trong Bui, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineer, Propulsion and Performance Branch, NASA Dryden Flight Research Ctr

"Transformation, creating awareness, choosing and living powerfully..this is what Radical Leadership has done for me. RL has transformed my marriage and given me the tools to create and live my life fully and intentionally. On the flip side, I now know what to do when I start falling into old patterns of living my life from a place of reactivity and fear. RL was the catalyst for me getting certified as a coach. Therese Kienast rocks..as does her team. Thank you for what you are creating in the world!"

~ Karen Beal, Director, Community Development National Veterinary Association, Venice, California

“I use Radical Leadership skills on a daily basis and those skills have served me well through these challenging times professionally and helped to bring more gratitude and balance in my home life.  I feel focused and excited about the future despite the rollercoaster of current world and business events!

You can absolutely share my story with anyone…if I can help someone else grow, I would be honored.

Thank you for how you have enriched my life. My journey is changed for the better. I am grateful for how you have opened my eyes, heightened my awareness, and challenged and encouraged me. I truly cannot thank you enough.”

~ Brian Miller, CEO, TGB Brands, Minneapolis, Minnesota

 “As a manager, prior to Radical Leadership, I was often being forceful and demanding which often left me feeling angry and frustrated because I was not really getting what I wanted and no one was happy around me either.  Now, after Radical Leadership, it is extremely liberating to be open and ask for what I want in a way that creates a win for everyone - and everyone is fulfilled.  After RL, I often find myself with another person wondering how I can serve them, rather than wondering what they want from me.  That is a gift that I cannot put a price on and is cultivating amazing results all around me - in ways I could not imagine!!”

~ Barbara K, Product Manager, Fortune 500 Company, Minneapolis, MN

Radical Leadership awareness has permeated how we interact and engage together in the company. We used to comment on how "neat" it was that our RL alumni would note, consider and reference RL terms and concepts. That novelty has now been replaced with an expectation to use RL skills as a natural part of all our daily interactions (business and personal). It is not uncommon for an RL tool to come up during a problem-solving session and although we do have associates who have not been officially exposed to the training (yet) they are directly and positively impacted by those who have been.

Radical Leadership has had a profound effect on all of our team members (even those who have not attended the retreats but have experienced it through example and ‘osmosis’).” 

~ Mick Kozy, Community Liaison, Continental Sales, Chicago, Illinois

“I would often overreact to things in my life which never helped the situation.  Since Radical Leadership, however, I determine where I want to put my energy and instead choose to focus on what I want to create. Now when I make a decision, I own it and no longer feel victimized by the circumstances around me.”  

~ Chris Miller, Plant Engineering Manager, Automation Plastics

“Radical Leadership was the single best personal development course I have taken in my life.  Therese Kienast and her team are, in a word…AMAZING! One of the things I learned in RL was how “being a hero” is wreaking havoc in my life even though it was well intended. Now I am committed to ending this!” 

~ Michael Charest, Founder, Michael Rocks Coaching, Suffield, Connecticut

Diana Bing was Director of Learning at IBM. She was responsible for the development of 360,000 employees.

She not only attended Radical Leadership but also brought Radical Leadership to many of the employees of IBM.

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