Radical Leadership is about conscious living and leadership! 

Radical Leadership (RL) is about being intentional with your life and choosing where and in what you want to put your precious energy and learning how to let go of anything that gets in the way of that!

We have redefined leadership. Leadership is not just for a select few. Leadership is everyone’s business, everyone’s responsibility. Leadership is a privilege and a natural response to life when you realize that you have great influence over everything!

All of us are leaders because we are always having an impact and we're always influencing outcomes --- wherever we are and in whatever role we've stepped into --- whether that's the role of CEO, owner, manager, parent, co-worker, spouse, friend or neighbor.

Take the lead. You have the opportunity, the power, and the ability to create whatever you want, wherever you are, in each moment of your life, and at Radical Leadership we will provide the skills, knowledge, experiences and expertise to help you make that happen with ease.

ACT NOW! Take that one courageous step that opens up a new world of possibilities. Contact us now and we will customize options that fit your needs.

Options include:

Personal, Professional or Organizations

  • Individualized or Group Coaching
  • RL 1 and RL 2 Retreats with 90 Day Group Coaching
  • RL courses in person and online
  • Engaged & Alive half day programs
  • Customized programs to meet your or your Team's needs

WHO is Radical Leadership for?

Radical Leadership is for those individuals and organizations that want to bring their very best in service of compelling possibilities and live their legacy by inspiring others to excellence through their own actions!

RL is for those who want to:

  • Own their personal power to influence desirable outcomes
  • Discover how to consistently engage in generative, life-giving ways
  • Create coherent relationships and teams
  • Learn why their wants are crucial to their well-being and that of others
  • Handle conflict with curiosity and ease
  • Eliminate anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
  • Learn to coach themselves and others to discover greater possibilities
  • Embrace discomfort and uncover new realms
  • Define and align with their personal integrity by honoring their yes’s and no’s

Leaders and organizations that have boldly embraced Radical Leadership have:

  • Greater sense of fulfillment and enjoyment – Being aware and at choice for co-creating the environment intentionally
  • High Retention – Employees who love coming to work every morning because they can; not because they have to!
  • Strong teamwork and productivity – Value & respect for one another along with tools for communicating, connecting, co-creating, and navigating conflict
  • Loyal customer and supplier relationships – Honest, authentic win-wins
  • Extraordinary results – Employees bring their best because they want to and choose to; not because they have-to
  • Innovation & Transformation – Everyone is dedicated to stretching beyond comfort zones to consider what’s possible instead of what’s probable or predictable

You, too, can become a Radical Leader!

Take the lead!  This is your life.  You can join us and live an inspired life while modeling and inspiring others right along with you!  What would it be like to jump out of bed every day excited about the possibilities you are going to create?  Find out now!

The Meaning of Radical

The word radical flows from the root word “radish.”  It means to be rooted, grounded; a return to fundamental, foundational, original, basic principles; extreme and drastic.

We believe it’s radical and extreme to live from your core; choose your life intentionally; trust yourself profoundly; live in this moment and show up authentically from a place of inherent wisdom.

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This is your life!  What do you want to do with it? If you aren't having fun doing what you love, realizing the results you want, you can! You get to decide! We can help do that with ease...

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Your career is a huge part of your life!  Give yourself the tools and insights that will provide you with everything you need to live an engaged, vibrant, and alive life.


Imagine a workplace where people jumped out of bed in the morning to get to work! Because they were becoming their best, working together, generating possibilities...

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Radical Results From Our Clients

“Radical Leadership woke me up to ... What I Want Matters… Not only for me… but for others and the World. It brought a freshness and a new awareness to being fearfully and wonderfully made. I am much more curious and conscious about the uniqueness and gifts of others…and the amazing possibilities we have together. The more in touch I am with my own passions and path, and the passions and paths of others, I surrender to saying yes to the amazing possibilities of life.”

~ Diana Bing, Retired Director, Enterprise Learning, Fortune 100 Corporation, Raleigh, North Carolina

“As a leader, I use the learning and tools from Radical Leadership every day.  These are just some of my work-related outcomes:

  • I am more able to deal effectively with challenging situations.
  • It made all my relationships healthier and has staff want to be a part of this organization
  • Team communicates better by managing conflict and disagreements in new ways
  • People on the team take things less personally and do their best to stand in others’ perspective.  As a result, they work through things faster.
  • We are a non-profit and our fundraising income this year doubled because of RL.”

~ Kathryn Hoffman, Chief Executive Office, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

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Together we’ll explore if Radical Leadership is right for you at this time.   You see, we know the material works.  It’s all a matter of when you are ready to step outside of your current perspectives to see something you couldn’t see before. What’s on the other side of that bold exploration is a sense of complete freedom, power, and deep connection. You’ll see your whole life filled with new possibilities.  Is it time for you?  Let’s find out.

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