Radical Leadership Retreats

We believe that everyone is responsible for leadership, not just some.  Whether you’re a CEO, a mid-level manager, supervisor, teacher, or parent…you are always having impact!  Do you know what that impact is?  Is it what you want?

Radical Leadership you taking full ownership and authorship of your life!  It is about living consciously (awake), intentionally, and responsibly (response-able) while creating what you want! Become your own superhero instead of waiting for one to come along.

The Radical Leadership Program is your opportunity to be:

  •  Challenged to move beyond old limits and live from a higher part of your Self.
  • Championed and supported as you grow and evolve, personally and professionally.
  • Changed at your core as you align yourself with your own integrity, intentions, and actions.  As you take ownership and authorship of creating your own life instead of adapting yourself or waiting for someone else to give you permission!

Radical Leadership Retreats

Radical Leadership I begins with a 3-Day Retreat that will transform how you see and experience yourself, others, and the world!  Additionally, this learning is anchored and integrated into work/life with another 90 days of group coaching.

RL I Objectives:

  • Uncover the deep cultural conditioning that actually sabotages your relationships and success.
  • Learn to live more in integrity with yourself and more authentically with others.
  • Discover how to live and lead from your core Essence and not your ego; using power and not force.
  • Receive and provide genuine, discerning, and caring feedback on when you’re most powerful and compelling, and when you’re “selling out” on yourself.
  • Calibrate, practice, and play with your personal power in a rigorous, respectful community with others who are doing the same thing.  Identify the ways you stop yourself from really owning your Essence and wisdom.  

RL I Outcomes:

  • Wake up to the places you’ve gone to sleep – become conscious
  • Identify the areas where you have sold out on yourself
  • Up the ante on being profoundly present to yourself and others
  • Determine consciously what outcomes you want to create
  • Find your freedom from drama & emotional drain
  • Eliminate stress & overwhelm
  • Transform the way you communicate
  • Create an internal calm and confidence
  • Easily restore relationships that haven’t been working
  • Stop the confusion and chaos created by fear
  • Live your life with surprise and delight
  • Regain a deep sense of purpose & possibility

Whether you are an individual who wants to live an alive, vibrant, and connected life; a professional who wants to know how to architect and negotiate the workplace with power and ease, or a corporation who wants to have Engaged, Alive, connected and Responsible employees, call us now.  We can definitely help.

Radical Leadership Retreats

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Don't wait for someone else to make your life better. Take the lead in your own life!

Take ownership and authorship for creating what you want in any and all circumstances!